"One night in New York I went to go see "Spring awakening" with some friends. And after we took the subway to this ridiculous open-mike night in Brooklyn. And we watched these horrible performers who, for whatever reason, had to get onstage and be seen and heard. And as I'm watching them, I'm thinking that I understand them. You know, they... they were messy and... and unsure and maybe a little confused, but... but they were doing what they needed to do, you know, what their hearts needed them to do. And then * called my cell phone, and I didn't want to answer. You know, there was a time when he would have been sitting right there, and... and I would have loved that. But he hasn't been that guy in a while.


- You guys were great together, you know. I mean, you... you were really happy.


And then one day we weren't. And I know there's supposed to be some big, huge, important reason why, but there's not. It's just a feeling that I have that this isn't what I want for the rest of my life.


- People have a right to change

Yeah, but they also have a right to stay the same. They have a right to be exactly the person that they've always been. I didn't change. He changed. And now somehow I'm the one who's broken because of it"


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